Social media resources

Twitter #jerdchat: This weekly chat is for both publication advisers and student journalists.  A different topic is posed each week and moderated by advisers from across the country.

Study uncovers how school actually use social media: findings about how school surveyed use and benefit from social media

Impact of social media on journalism: This video emphasizes that social media is not the death of journalism, but an enhancement of it.

Social media trends and journalism: This video is a lecture on social media to new students at the Indian Institute of Journalism & New Media by “media guru” Sree Sreenivasan, dean of student affairs and digital media professor at Columbia Journalism School in New York. 

 Instagram: This tool can be used for photojournalistic reporting.  Students can follow various news organizations including National Geographic.

Facebook: the Godfather of social media sites.

LinkedIn: a great resource for professional networking.

Twitter: 140 characters of up to date information

Journalism Education Association digital media: contains various posts and lesson plans for social media usage, in addition to all things scholastic journalism

Sustainable Journalism: how various news organizations are utilizing different forms of social media in innovative ways.

Pinterest:  virtual bulletin boards of different subjects

Vimeo: an online resources for posting and viewing HD videos

YouTube: the number one source video sharing website

SchoolTube: video sharing website safe to use on K-12 campuses; posts by both teachers and students

Twitter language: Here you will find a complete guide to Twitter’s language and acronyms

Best practices for journalists on Twitter: found on the Twitter blog, this is a great overview of how journalists, including student journalists, can effectively use Twitter

ASNE’s Youth Journalism Initiative:  American Society of News Editors educators and students website. Includes various lesson plans, scholarly articles, student contests and more.

Social media guidelines for student journalists: The ASU Walter Cronkite School of Mass Journalism’s ethical principles for using social media

 Common Sense Media: provides digital media literacy resources for educators

LiveBinder: a curation tool for web resources or documents


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