Twitter for Jerds

On this page you will learn what Twitter is, how to create an account and why this is used for journalstic practices.


  • learn what Twitter is
  • create a professional account
  • effectively utilize the tool for journalistic practices

STANDARDS (Common Core):

  • RI8
  • W1 a-e
  • W2 a-f
  • W6
  • W7
  • W8
  • W10


  • students will follow credible news agencies on social media
  • curate information from various sources
  • share published articles and other content with followers
  • successfully attend an on-line, professional chat
  • appropriately use hashtags for research, commenting and publication

Creating an account on Twitter
(10 points)
To create your account, watch all six Twitter 101 videos which will instruct you how to

  • Create an account
  • Use the dashboard
  • Choose accounts to follow
  • Create tweets
  • Use Twitter on your mobile device

Activity 1
(20 points)
Follow 10 credible news agencies and/or journalists
Write a summary about how you knew these sources were credible

Activity 2
(20 points)
Attend a #jerdchat on Twitter on Thursdays at 5:00 p.m. PST
Take three screenshots that include your comments
Write a summary about the discussion topic
Include three new pieces of information that you learned

About this page:  this page was created so that students would have access to Twitter, content was curated to populate learning, engaging and appropriate resources were found, page was published for students to be easily accessible.


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